1832 - 1871 | Time, Gas, Water

1832 The Blackforest Englishman

Benedikt Ketterer and his younger brother Martin were both professional clock-makers and emigrated from Philippenhof, small valley close to Voehrenbach, to England and set up the company: Ketterer & Company, this company produced and sold clocks in Portsea which is a part of Portsmounth. Based on the success with their company, they returned to Germany as wealthy gentlemen. Benedikt went back in the year 1840 and his brother Martin in the year 1856. Their profit was invested in a new company in Furtwangen, the center of the Black forest clock trade. Benedikt Ketterer set up the company Benedikt Ketterer & Sons. Developed within a quite short time to the first company of Furtwangen.

1845 Clock maker workshop

Benedikt Ketterer acquires a double townhouse in the Bregstrasse and opened a mechanical workshop which produced all sorts of clocks. The brother continued the successful company in England for about 15 years more. Benedikt Ketterer fabricated and created a complicated clock mechanism. He was an expert in mathematics and engineering and quite an inventor.

1851 The technic pioneer

Benedikt Ketterer recognized very soon the signs of a new epoch. For heating and lighting more and more houses used gas. A good solution to measure gas consumption was needed. In the year, 1851 Benedikt Ketterer started to manufacture gas meters. The first 20 pieces had been delivered to Freiburg. With this gas meters a new branch of industry has been born. The county Baden awarded him with the distinguished silver medal.

1871 Water meter and Baduf

Felix Ketterer worked since 1860 in his father´s company which was taken over by him after his father´s death in the year 1971. Felix Ketterer expanded in the manufacture of water meters. The manufactures of the Black forest clocks and regulator clocks have been incorporated in the year 1873, to the Badische Uhrenfabrik. He was promoted to be the technical leader by personnel union. The company was named by Felix Ketterer to the First Badische Water Meter Company. He also produced gas meters, number, and counting meters.