1872 - 1898 | The Factory

1872 Telephone and power station

The combination between the company Ketterer in the Bregstrasse and the workshop hall nr. 2 at the Strassberg where regulators have been produced soon recognized a new development that would change the company once again. Felix Ketterer assisted the expansion of the telephone in Furtwangen. He build up a telephone line length 180 meters. Always open to embracing technical innovation, the company began to develop an electrical turbine. In the year 1890 at the Rote Muehle, produced a turbine current which was directly delivered to the workshop hall nr. 1 in the Bregstrasse. Felix Ketterer carried over the first power transmission in Baden.

1880 Ketterer innovations

To give fresh impetus and transform new ideas. Ketterer continues its approach toward technical innovations. Many of their awards from the 19th century are reflecting their impressive efficiency. Distinguished medals were awarded in the year 1878, silver medals and certificates for outstanding products presented in Vienna, Chile or Philadelphia. The success was reflected by the numbers of employees. In 1898 there were 150 workers engaged in the company´s activities.

1898 Architecture

The company´s sense of design was reflected in the company headquarters built in 1989. The red brick building at the Grosshausberg is the industrial distinctive sign of the clock village Furtwangen. A 50 horsepower driving element delivered enough current for the impulse of 150 machines. While a rail line was installed at the company site. Today the company headquarters is a technical culture monument. The spirit of Ketterer is to transform ideas into meticulous designs properly constructed.