1924 - 1955 | Sunshade

1924 The era of Emil Jaeger

As Oskar Ketterer gave up the technical leading of the BKS to set up his own company the DZG, the era of Emil Jaeger started. The husband of Olga Ketterer was leader of the clock maker school since 1923 and the personnel union nominated him as technical consultant of the BKS. At the same time Ernst Hepting was the commercial manager. Like many other companies´ the BKS had to pass through in 1920 the crisis of inflation.

1946 Difficult Restart

In the beginning of 1933 the circumstances were stabilized. On this account because of the production of armaments goods for the French Air Force till the collapse of the 3rd empire. With only 6 employees Emil Jaeger started again after a nearly complete disassembly by the French occupation force. In the year 1946 the company started with the production of ashtreys. The son of Emil Jaeger, Felix Jaeger entered into the BKS. In the year 1952 have been founded a KG of 3 different family backgrounds, Manfred Hepting as general manager, Gerold Ketterer and Felix Jaeger as leaders of the technical section. Till 1957 Emil Jaeger was engaged as an active consultant in the management.

1955 Continuing with gearings

In the 50ths of this century, on the initiative – of Emil and Felix Jaeger, a new business branch with a great future was opened, the construction and production of gearings for blinds, awnings and sliding. The decision has been taken by family Jaeger to continue the traditional company with the manufacture of gearings. The BKS stays with its roots!