1976 - 2007 | Ergonomics

1976 Restart with prospects

The business of the traditional company went quiet sluggish and remained as such until an owner reorganization was complete. The city Furtwangen expanded and bought a portion of the companies´ property. Felix Jaeger used these funds as to acquire in the 70´s the foundation the BKS belongs now to the family Jaeger and Ursula Hepting.

1982 Farsightedness vision

As Odin Jaeger started, only 20 years old, his activity in the BKS company with design and construction of gearings for vertical adjustable operator´s positions. From 1984 on Odin Jaeger took over the technical leading, using 18 assistants. He recognized the great opportunities in the area of vertical adjustable operator´s positions addressing an ever growing need to solve ergonomic needs in the marketplace.

1990 Customer´s specification

With the beginning of the customer´s specification, development of specific small gearings and driving elements conforms Ketterer gearings to the requirement of the market trend. “We transform ideas” is the basic leading. Very often the true challenge is the integration in already existing basic modules of electric gearings or the BKS vertical adjustment. But Ketterer gearings always find the perfect customer´s specific solution.

2007 From the idea to the production stage

Development, construction of gearings, spindles and vertical controlled ergonomic operator´s positions, power source for the production of solar elements or for special machines: KETTERER Gearing is the solution at the market for any problems! The turnover increase of 50% shows the importance of perfection, liability an stability. Odin Jaeger: many things have changed at Ketterer but one thing always stays. After 175 years for our 100 employees everything turns round about gearwheels.