Basic Technologies

Our products are based on the following core technologies:

Threaded spindles

Threaded nuts

Threaded spindles and threaded nuts

Rolled spindles produced by Ketterer.

Our products feature our self-produced trapezoidal, high pitch and module spindles. We use materials such as free machine steel, stainless steel, aluminum or others, if necessary.

This allows us to meet the requirements of customer-specific products, and to produce the threaded nuts tailored to every application.

Unser gesamtes Spindelsortiment

Spur gears, Bevel gears, Work gear pairs

Spur gears | Bevel gears | Work gear pairs

We produce spur gears, bevel gears and work gear pairs ourselves, and our products feature these self-produced spur gears, bevel gears and work gear pairs.

We realize special customer-specific requirements for our gear units with exact configuration of the individual components. The best material is selected for each separate application.